Through our new online registration system, CYFA now has the capability to set up installment plans online using a debit or credit card.  This opportunity affords our CYFA families to spread out the total cost of their football and cheerleading registration and camp fees into budget-friendly installments to meet their registration payment deadline. This opportunity is limited. Details are listed below. 

 All fees for football, sideline cheer and competition cheer are to be completed by the time practice starts on July 31st, or Jamboree (August 12th) at the latest. Camp payment plans are supposed to be completed by the time each camp starts. This means payment plans need to be completed by July 30th.

Please note: If your card expires during the term of the payment plan, your payment is declined for any reason, or if you get a new card for any reason, it is your responsibilty to contact CYFA at or calling at (770) 710-2835 so we can change your payment plan. The payments that come out will show up on bank or credit card statements as coming from WePay or Cherokee Youth Football Association.


Go to, in the top right hand corner, select the SIGN IN button. 
New Customers: Select Create New Account, complete the information on the Register page. Click the SIGN UP button.
Login using your username and password, and select ADD ENROLLEE. You’ll have to complete this step ("ADD ENROLLEE") more than once if adding more than one child.
Add your child’s information, including First Name, Last Name, Birth date, and Gender.
New Enrollees: You will also need to upload a scanned copy of your child’s birth certificate. You’ll need to upload a birth certificate for each child you enroll in CYFA. Children who were enrolled in CYFA in 2016 will already have a birth certificate uploaded.
If you don't have a scanner you can use your smartphone. The CamScanner app works great for iPhone and Android. (Scanned documents only in PDF format, please. No photos of documents.)
Please Note: Registration cannot be completed until parents go in and set up an online account, upload birth certificates, and initial waivers/releases.


After you select your offering, you will have the option of selecting to make the 1st Payment or to pay the full amount.  Select the 1st Payment option.  For Football and Sideline Cheer the first payment is $100.00, for Competition Cheer the 1st Payment will be $150.00  After that the remaining balance will be taken out in 3 equal payments.  If you need to make more than 4 payments (only available until April 30th), then go to step three and contact our league administrator to set up between 2 and 6 payments with a different 1st payment amount.  Consecutive payments will come out on the same day of the month that you make the 1st payment.


ONLY if you need a different payment plan than what is already set up in the system, EMAIL OUR LEAGUE ADMINISTRATOR AT SECRETARY@CYFA.ORG



Football, Sideline Cheer, Competition Cheer Payment Plans  - Final payments must be completed by July 30th:

Register by April 30th – Online payment plan is broken into 4 payments. If needed, we can break into 5 payments.

Register by May 30th – Online payments plan is broken into 4 payments. Cannot break down further than that, but payments can be distributed equally. (Currently, each payment plan except for camp plans require a $100 1st payment.)

June 1st through June 12th – Online payment plans will be broken into 3 payments

June 12th through June 30th – Online payment plans will be broken into 2 payments

July 1st - No payment plans will be available online. Will break payments into two payments, at customers’ requests.

July 15th – Sideline Cheer and Competition Cheer Registration Closes - Final Cheer uniform fitting

July 28th – Football registration closes (Draft is on July 29th) - Football Assessments begin July 25th. Equipment is picked up July 8th or July 15th. Assessments are required. Anyone who does not attend assessments will not be included in the draft.

Football and Cheer Camp Payment Plans:

Available through April 30th - Both camps payment plans are currently set up with 4 payments. Cheer camp is 4 payments of $28.75 and Football camp is 4 payments of 31.25.

May 1st - Camp payment plans will go to each go to 3 payments.

June 1st - June 12th - Camp payment plans will go to 2 payments.

Football camp and cheer camp payment plans WILL NOT  be available starting June 13th.


Football and Cheer Camp
In order for CYFA to properly prepare for football and cheer camps, campers need to be to be registered by June 30th. Campers registered after June 30th are not guaranteed a camp t-shirt. Supplies will be on a first come/first served basis (based on registration date).

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