2018 CYFA Football Equipment Handout Dates

  • Saturday, July 7, 2018
  • Saturday, July 14, 2018
  • Saturday, July 21, 2018
  • Saturday, August 4, 2018

LOCATION:  Kenney-Askew Park (1040 Univeter Road, Canton, GA 30115)

Your child MUST be present to be fitted for his helmet and shoulder pads. You will NOT be given these items if your child is NOT present.

Please note the location of the equipment handout for your district and only come during your district’s posted time slot. We have a lot of players to fit and the schedule is set in order to make the handout process go as quickly as possible. Please refrain from coming during another district’s time period as we may not have the proper colors for your district available at that time.


An Equipment Card will be filled out for each football player and a $250 deposit will be made by check only for each player obtaining equipment. The equipment deposit includes the helmet, shoulder pads, leg pads and game pants. Please note - Game pants ARE NOT practice pants, please do not use them as such! Football practice pants can be obtained at Dick's Sporting Goods or any other sporting goods store.

Please make sure you bring a check for $250 for each football player for your equipment deposit.  Families with multiple children may write one check for $250 per player (i.e. the deposit amount for two football players would be $500, three football players would be $750, etc.). Your equipment check will be held until the end of the season and returned to you when you return your equipment promptly and in good condition. If you turn in one check for multiple players, your check will be returned to you when the final set of equipment is returned.

There is a $25 late fee due for those of you who missed the first two equipment pickup dates. This late fee covers the cost of expedited shipping. We will need cash or a separate check made out to CYFA.

Please make sure your child tries on the game pants with the pads to be sure they fit. If they don’t fit please come swap them during your district’s equipment hand out time.

Each player will need to supply practice pants, practice jersey, cleats, water bottle and a mouth guard. CYFA supplies a soft chin strap with each helmet, but you may opt to purchase your own hard chin strap if you wish. Some practice pants and practice jerseys (culled from previous game pants that retained some damage) available for sale from CYFA at equipment handout. This availability is on a first come basis.

Athletic cups are not required but may be used. You may also wish to provide a five-pocket girdle for your football player, especially for the larger football players. The tailbone pad, hip pads, and thigh pads go in the girdle and help keep them in position.

If you have your own helmet and shoulder pads, CYFA must approve the fit of that equipment for insurance purposes. Please bring the equipment and your child so we can fill out the paperwork!

If you are purchasing your own equipment, please follow the guidelines on this site for how to fit equipment: 


If you are having any other problems with your equipment, please let us know at the time of your fitting so we can correct the problem. 

Equipment must be returned to CYFA at the end of the season. Equipment is serviced on a regular basis and keeping equipment keeps us from properly caring for it! You will have to pay a new deposit and have new equipment issued so we can service the old equipment.

Make sure you stay in line to collect your check even after our staff takes your equipment!


You can also view these short videos from USA Football/Heads Up Football Program to ensure a proper fit:

Click here to watch a short video on proper helmet fitting.

Click here to watch a short video on proper shoulder pad fitting.


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