Information on Registering as a Football or Cheer Coach, or as a Team Mom for 2017

Please Read This Entirely!

Registering as a coach DOES NOT ensure that you will be selected as a coach.  Any fees that are paid in the registration process are NON-REFUNDABLE.  We do not collect the money for the Background Check and therefore cannot refund it.

The first step in registering as a Coach or a Team Mom is to complete a background check through CRPA. This is required even if you have already completed a background check for a different youth athletic organization associated with CRPA this year.  Background Checks through CRPA are good from July 1 to June 30 of the next year. Because of this, CRPA will not accept background checks for the upcoming season until June 25th. (This means if you pay for a background check prior to June 25th, they will require a new one for the upcoming season that starts July 1st.) 

A Background Check through CRPA is required even if you are a teacher or have a background check done with your employer.  This is a CRPA policy - not a CYFA policy and we cannot alter it.  (As a side note - if you coach in other organizations associated with CRPA between football and the end of June, you do NOT have to complete another background check through the county, even if they tell you that you need to - this information is courtesy of Jay Worley at CRPA. He said to show them your receipt and you will be covered.)

Click Here to Complete Your Background Check between June 25th and July 29th. (Link will be activated between these dates.)

Once you have completed your background check application, you will receive an emailed receipt.  This receipt needs uploaded to your Member Profile so we have record of your registration.  When you first login to your account, you are taken to the page pictured below.  Click on the "Members" link.

Once that link opens, you will need to either add your name to this list (If it isn't there already) by selecting the "Add Parent" Button, or if your name is there, click on the Edit Member icon on the far right of the line your name is on.

Once that link opens, you will see a place to upload your receipt.  You will have to save your email as a file from your mail program, or use the Snippet Tool in Microsoft to take a picture of the screen and save it as a .jpg and then upload it.

Once you have completed this, you can go register in our system.




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